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Marley Legend: An Illustrated Life of Bob Marley

Though musical history is full of great artists, a select few reach 'legend' status. In most cases, the ones that do qualify have made an impact that carries well beyond their music, and their influence has often been intensified by their premature, tragic deaths. Elvis Presley and John Lennon are two examples of such musicians, and a look back at the last century brings another name to the forefront: Bob Marley. Marley's enduring significance was already recognized just three years after his death, when the posthumous album of his greatest hits was titled "Legend". Marley is the ultimate hero-musician, regarded by his fans not just as a pop star, but as one of their own - a man who rose out of poverty to become the voice of his people and his culture, of peace and love. "Marley Legend" will celebrate the life and work of Bob Marley in a compelling, interactive format that will bring him closer to his fans than ever before. In the twenty-five years after his death, Bob Marley's legend has only grown and new generations have discovered this extraordinary man's music and beliefs, this beautifully packaged book will be the ultimate collectors' item.


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