L.A. Stories

Los Angeles seen from above tells a story. Framed by white-dusted mountains, rolling deserts, the hopeful Pacific, and the grids and lines of the teeming city itself, this L.A. story is about vastness and possibility. The story on the ground is multiplicity, cities with the city: the grime and the glamor, the nations within the nation. Los Angeles is home to the most Koreans, Guatemalans, Iranians, Vietnamese, Armenians, and dozens of other nationalities outside the nations themselves. Los Angeles has more Mexicans than every city in the world except Mexico City itself. Beverly Hills to Boyle Heights is only miles and a small universe apart, the waft of Chinatown, the vibrance of Little India, the rasta flags of Little Ethiopia, the cool bustle of Venice beach: you can choose your world within Los Angeles.