Upcycling Series: Color Blocked Cashmere

Naked Cashmere


by: Audrey Stanton

The Upcycle Series is a collection of blog posts highlighting The Burning Torch’s unique upcycling endeavors.


Luxurious. Rich. Enduring. All of these words could easily be used to describe the history of cashmere and the fiber itself. Since the 13th or 14th century, cashmere has been spun from the undercoat of Capra Hircus goats typically found in the highlands of Mongolia and China. However, today, the fiber is produced around the world, blended with other fibers and largely accessible to all. The high quality material has remained a classic, never going out of style and maintaining its structural integrity over time. These characteristics make it an ideal candidate for upcycling. From the Himalayas to Venice beach, cashmere has been, and will continue to be, a constant in our closets.


Upcycled Cashmere Series

Karyn and her team have been upcycling cashmere for over two decades– sourcing the best cashmere sweaters, deconstructing them and making them new again. Each upcycled Burning Torch garment pieces together parts of several items to create a new whole, however those made of cashmere kick it up a notch with color blocking. Color blocking has come in and out of style since it’s sartorial inception in the 1940s, inspired by paintings by Dutch painter Piet Mondrianin in the same vein. Nowadays, the trend can be found in how individuals style various solid colors together or showcased in a single garment. The latter describes the color blocked cashmere pieces found in the Fall 2020 collection. Bold shapes make up the controlled chaos of every one-of-a-kind upcycled sweater, proving they are not for the faint of heart. Color blocked fashion is meant to be seen and admired! In addition, the cashmere hoodie is reversible, leading a double life as an upcycled scarves garment. Double the patterns, double the fun.

View the Fall 2020 Lookbook to dive into Karyn’s exploration of the space between allusion and illusion, as we move towards a better fashion future.

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