For Burning Torch Up-Cycling Is Not Just A Trend, It's Our Foundation.

At Burning Torch, authentic beauty speaks with a singular voice. With a creative approach that honors the unique, special and classic, Burning Torch recycles vintage elements, transforming the ordinary into fabulously upcycled garments and accessories.

With the craft and detailing that set this design studio apart, upcycled materials shapeshift into unexpected outcomes, playful forms and sensuous pairings. Vintage jewelry, carefully re-imagined cashmere sweaters and time softened fatigues all meld organically with grace, ease and sophistication. Timeless yet fresh, upcycling is signature Burning Torch.

Image shows woman wearing upcycled fatigues. Caption reads" Love not war!!! Army fatigues are re-purposed, de-constructed, and reborn as new, eco-friendly garments."